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Owned by Africa, and supported by international and regional partners, the Inaugural edition of the Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development put forward a broad and ambitious agenda for addressing the peace, security, and development challenges facing the African continent. Since then, the COVID-19 pandemic has had far-reaching impacts on societies and economies, across the world.

While Africa has shown strong leadership in addressing the health impact of COVID-19, pre-existing vulnerabilities, further magnified by the pandemic, have destabilized lives and livelihoods on an unprecedented scale. Youth, women and forcibly displaced populations continue to be disproportionately impacted. The longer the crisis lasts, its impact will erode the hard-won gains of decades of economic and human development, increasing the fragility of many African states.

Against this backdrop, and acting in its capacity as the Champion of Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development in Africa, Egypt will organize the Second Edition of the Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development, titled:

Shaping Africa’s New Normal: Recovering Stronger, Rebuilding Better

The Forum, to be held virtually from 1-5 March 2021, under the auspices of H.E. Abdelfattah el-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, will bring together leaders from governments, regional and international organizations, financial institutions, private sector, and civil society, as well as visionaries, scholars and key experts, practitioners for a context-specific and action-oriented discussion of the new risks, threats, and challenges, as well as opportunities that lie ahead.

Building on the inaugural Aswan Forum and its conclusions, the second edition aim to advance a positive and forward-looking agenda as Africa charters on its pathway for recovery post-COVID-19. Most importantly, the forum will emphasize the need to accelerate the paradigm shift from crisis management to conflict prevention, in an effort to strengthen resilience as an integral part of strategies to “recover stronger” and “rebuild better” post-pandemic.

Grounded in the African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 and the United Nations (UN) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the forum will continue to champion African led-solutions and efforts to ensure that national, regional, and continental actors are better equipped to deal with the “new normal” in the wake of the pandemic. In this context, it will focus on concrete measures to push forward the implementation of the humanitarian-development-peace nexus both on the strategic and operational levels.

The Forum will be grounded in a series of preparatory webinars to propose a set of suggested actions and measures for the consideration of African and international leaders to strengthen continental and global cooperation and partnerships to advance peace, security, and sustainable development in Africa.

Strategic Partners

Supporting Partners


Corporate Sponsors

Knowledge Partners


The Peace Continuum: Prevention, Peacemaking, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding


Preventing Extremism Conducive to Terrorism


Women, Peace & Security


Post-Conflict Reconstruction & Development (PCRD)


Forced Displacement




Sustainable Energy




Climate Change & Security






Culture and Heritage


Resilience of State Institutions


Sahel & Red Sea

13:00 - 13:15 EET

Opening Session

Keynote Speech
H.E Sameh Shoukry
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arab Republic of Egypt
13:15 - 14:00 EET

Post COVID-19 Recovery: Strengthening Sustainable Peace and Development in Africa” (Message from African Leaders)

14:00 – 15:30 EET

Recovering Stronger, Rebuilding Better: Pathways for a more Secure, Resilient and Prosperous Africa (High-level Session)

15:45 – 17:15 EET

Terrorism in the Shadow of the Pandemic: A Pressing Need for Integrated Responses

14:00 – 15:15 EET

From the Sidelines to the Frontlines: Advancing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda in Africa during the Pandemic and Beyond

15:30 - 16:45 EET

Bridging the Gap between Aspirations and Reality: Operationalizing Structural Prevention in Africa

17:00 – 18:15 EET

From Rapid Economic Recovery to Structural Transformation: Africa’s Pathway towards Sustainable Recovery and Development

14:00 – 15:15 EET

Addressing Forced Displacement in National Planning and Peace Processes: Localizing the Paradigm Shift to Prevention in Africa

15:30 – 16:45 EET

A Comprehensive Approach to Protection Mandates in Peacekeeping Operations

17:00 – 18:15 EET

Sustainable Peace and Development through Arts, Culture and Heritage

14:00 – 15:15 EET

Sustaining Peace through Effective Post-Conflict Reconstruction and Development

15:30 – 16:45 EET

Harnessing Trade for a Peaceful and Prosperous Africa

15:30 – 17:00 EET

From Intentions to Actions: Catalyzing Regional Cooperation for Peace, Security & Development in the Red Sea (Closed Session)

14:00 – 15:15 EET

Advancing Integrated Responses to Climate-Security Risks: Global and African Perspectives

15:30 – 16:45 EET

The Sahel’s Worsening Crisis: Compounded Threats, Fragmented Responses

17:00 – 18:30 EET

Closing Session
Chartering Africa’s Way Forward: Recovering Stronger and Rebuilding Better

18:30 – 19:00 EET

Closing Ceremony
“The Aswan Conclusions on Sustainable Peace and Development”

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